Art Market Organizations Stand Together Against Illicit Trade

CINOA joint statement brings together art market on Afghanistan.

The Hunter King from Kakrak, a valley next to Bamiyan. Wall paintings from the 7th-8th century, Kabul Museum, Afghanistan.

Twelve important art market organizations have issued a joint statement to ensure that illicit cultural property coming out of Afghanistan today does not reach the market. The statement makes clear the art market’s opposition to looting and illicit trade and its responsibility under its ethical guidelines to work together with law enforcement to interdict ancient art that is looted or stolen from Afghanistan in this political crisis.

This strong message from the art market should counter the inaccurate portrayal of the market by media outlets as eager for looted goods – such irresponsible statements can only give incentive to thieves and looters.

Read the 2021 10 11 Press Statement on Afghanistan Cultural Property



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