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The Committee for Cultural Policy commissions and publishes research and policy analysis on cultural heritage. Our goal is to promote a positive dialog on arts policy in the United States and the world. We provide effective, fact-based communication on key issues and controversies in the arts.

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Cultural Property News delivers articles, monographs, policy briefs and commentary to the world online at and through our 10,000 reader bi-monthly Newsletter. We reach students, educators, lawmakers, government officials, and key stakeholders from the art trade to collectors, conservators, curators, and museum professionals across the globe.

We provide public testimony to policymakers in Washington, DC and sponsor lectures and other events for professionals in law and in the arts.

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Cultural Property News features over 400 original news articles, policy briefs, and legislative analyses covering subjects from endangered species preservation to archaeological discoveries. The Committee for Cultural Policy provides expert testimony to federal agencies and international NGOs on money laundering, institutional corruption and regulations on the circulation of art. We are committed to preserving religious and community rights to heritage and eliminating unfair provisions in U.S.-foreign agreements. We support the cultural rights of religious and ethnic minority communities in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia, the Far East and Australasia, and those of indigenous peoples in the Americas.

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The Committee for Cultural Policy’s Global Art and Heritage Law Series. Monographs researched together with volunteer lawyers from around the world in collaboration with TrustLaw, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global, legal pro bono service that connects law firms and legal teams to non-governmental organizations and social enterprises that are working to create social and environmental change.

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