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Uyghur girls at a Khotan Market
Uyghur girls at a Khotan Market, October 2005, Author Colegota, Wikimedia Commons

This year, our supporters helped make Cultural Property News a premier resource for information on art and policy. Together we can:

  • Help arts institutions to better serve a diverse, multicultural public.
  • Support preservation and study of America’s art resources in our museums.
  • Provide opportunities to learn about and respect global heritage.
  • Challenge censorship across the globe, and oppose government policies that dictate what should be studied and published.

Our research lays the groundwork for positive public policy and against ill-considered programs and legislation, to guide future policy choices.

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We launched a free news website in 2018, now serving over 9000 subscribers. Since we began, we have published over 100 original news articles, policy briefs, and legislative analyses each year. In March 2020, we’ll inaugurate an additional free access website with analyses of art and cultural heritage laws from around the world published in partnership with TrustLaw, a Thomson-Reuters philanthropy and contributions from law firms around the world. Our goal is to provide facts and sophisticated legal and arts analysis to teacher, students, museums, journalists, the art trade and to the general public.

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CCP provided testimony on legislation on money laundering and punitive tariffs on art. We worked with U.S. Jewish organizations and members of the House and Senate to preserve the Iraqi Jewish Archive in the United States and eliminate provisions in U.S.-foreign agreements harming minority communities in the Middle East. We have testified on over a dozen proposed U.S. blockades on imports under the Cultural Property Implementation Act with nations around the world. We partnered with art dealer organizations and Native American tribes to improve legislation covering cultural patrimony.

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